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Before we jump into this topic, let me say this – we’re going to talk a lot about housetraining your poodle over the coming weeks. And that’s because we can’t possibly cover it all in one short article.  So keep in mind that this article isn’t meant to be your complete guide to housetraining your poodle puppy!


Here are five tips that will make housetraining your poodle easier:
1. Get a regular feeding schedule.

When your poodle puppy is on a regular feeding schedule, his elimination times will also be more regular.  Make it easy on both of you by ensuring your poodle eats at approximately the same time each day.  (But don’t worry about a water “schedule,” as your poodle should drink water whenever he wants.)

2. Create a regular walking schedule.
Next, you should create a regular walking schedule so your poodle puppy can get outside regularly.

If your poodle pup is young, then he’ll probably need to go out quite often.  This means first thing in the morning, any time after a nap, after play time, after he eats and right before bed.

Some pups, especially toy poodles, can’t hold it when they’re playing (and especially if they’re lapping up lots of water), so initially you may find yourself taking your poodle out every 30 to 60 minutes.  As your pup gets older, you’ll be able to extend the time between walks – from 60 minutes to 90 minutes, from 90 minutes to two hours… and so on.

There is no “one size fits all” here – just observe your poodle to determine about how long he can hold his bladder and bowels, and then make sure he gets outside well before that time.

(Remember, even if an older pup or dog can “hold it,” doesn’t mean he’s comfortable holding his bladder for long periods.  I like to take my grown dogs out every 4-5 hours at most.)

3. Watch your poodle puppy like a hawk.

When little poodle puppies need to go, you have just seconds to get them out the door.  That’s why you need to watch your pup like a hawk – as soon as you see him sniffing around or starting to crouch, rush him out the door.

Don’t stop to put on your coat, don’t stop to tie your shoes, don’t collect $200 – there’s no time!  Rush, rush or you’ll have a puddle on the floor.

4. Use a crate as needed.

If you can’t keep your eye on your new poodle puppy, then put him in a crate.  Even if you’re literally taking your eyes off him for a few minutes while you chop your dinner veggies, put him in the crate.  It takes just seconds for him to have an accident, and if you don’t catch him in the act, you can’t tell him “no.”

Which brings us to our next poodle housetraining tip…

5. Expect accidents – and clean them up the right way.
There will be housetraining accidents. For sure.  Your job is to stay calm, clean them up and move forward with training.

If you see your poodle puppy starting to mess on the floor, let out a firm “no!” and perhaps clap your hands to startle him. Then rush that pup out the door.  Once he finishes his business outside, throw him a little party and praise him lavishly.

If you don’t catch your poodle puppy in the actual act of urinating or defecating on the floor, then all you can do is clean up the mess.  Don’t yell at your dog, don’t scold him… and for sure do NOT swat him, rub his nose in the mess or any other cruelty.

None of that helps.  Even telling him “no” doesn’t help, because your poodle puppy won’t associate your “no” with the fact that he peed on the floor 45 seconds ago.

Instead, use an enzymatic spray (like Nature’s Miracle) to thoroughly clean up the mess.  An enzymatic spray breaks down the odor so that your pup won’t smell the lingering odor and make another mess in the same spot.  Regular cleaners can mask the odor, but your pup will still smell it.

That’s it for this time.  Remember: Have patience!  This too shall pass…

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I admit it: I’m biased.  But once a poodle has owned you, you’ll fall in love.  And you’ll never think of getting any other kind of dog.

Every person who has a poodle probably has a different reason for loving them. But here are three common reasons why you can’t help but fall in love:

Poodles are clean, non-sheddings dogs.

If you’ve ever had another type of dog before, then you know who their fur gets into everything.  You find yourself forever pulling it off your clothes, trying to vacuum it off the carpet and the furniture, and plucking it out of your food.

Say goodbye to fur problems when you get a poodle!  A poodle’s coat is more like hair rather than fur. That means it doesn’t shed (at least no more than your own, like when you comb your hair and you get a couple strands in the comb). And also like your hair, it keeps growing.  So while you do have to keep on top of your grooming when you own a poodle, your vacuum will get some rest.

Poodles are smart.

Poodles are smart – and that’s not just my bias talking.  Ask anyone what kind of dog is the smartest, and you’ll get a big majority conceding that it’s the poodle (though Border Collies give poodles a run for their money).

You can use this intelligence to your advantage, as poodles are very easy to train. But be careful, because poodles will use their smarts to their advantage too by training YOU.  It’s always an eye-opening moment when you realize you’re the one who’s been trained!

Poodles are fun.

Yes, poodles are just plain fun. They love attention, they’re eager to please you, and they have a great sense of humor!  Poodles love being involved in all family activities (and they’ll feel slighted if you don’t include them).  Plus,
poodles love to clown around. They don’t like when you laugh AT them (who does), but they love when you laugh WITH them!

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